Wednesday, November 15, 2006

drawing jennifer

tonights model was one of the very best models ive ever drawn. she was so inventive with her poses. i wish my gestures were better or i'd show you. she was very thin and held crazy poses, but not dumb poses, good drawing poses. she must do pilates or yoga or something. when i see models like this i think, god, i will never compare to her when i pose for a figure drawing class some day (its on my list).

here are the 20, 30 and 60 minute poses..

i got at least some of the stool in this time..

this was an incredibly difficult angle, i should have moved, but i am lazy.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

painting in progress

i'm starting a series of paintings.... the inspiration for these paintings was the david hockney portrait exhibit i saw at the MFA in boston before i left. he did countless portraits of people that came into his home. my intention is to do a bunch of them all the same size. and show them somewhere, maybe in the next open figure drawing group show.

Saturday, November 11, 2006


i have been saving these beer labels for a really long time, i hadn't really thought of how i could use them, but i wanted to use them. i decided i would make picket fences out of them for this piece, but they looked stupid when i got them all cut out. so i made them into the kind of fence that just looks like spikes. :) when i got the bears on the page i intended to put them behind the fences i made, but liek i said i hated the fences. so i quickly scanned my brain for an activity that i could engage the bears in. first i thought of volleyball, then i thought that was boring. badminton is much more exciting.

jk, leave me a comment when you receive this..

EDIT:: alright, i received confirmation that this mailart made it to its final destination...

10 thirty pm nov. 10.2006

i wanted to do another suspended in tape mail. when i cut out the hole, i fit a couple pieces in and i think it looked wicked cute. i also loved the stamp that was naturally on the cardboard.

jlg, leave me a comment when you receive this!

EDIT:: i've received word that this made it to its final destination.. however.. it was supposedly delivered in an enevelope. wooot!