Tuesday, April 25, 2006

two hundred twenty dollars and fifty cents

the third mail art is on its way to HK's house. so, when it gets there i'll put up the pic...

alright, she received it..

i was going through some of my shoe boxes full of stuff decided what to move, and what to shred, and i got to my shoebox full of movie tickets, baseball game ticket stubs, play tickets, airline flight coupons, concerts...basically i have every ticket i've ever recieved for everything..

so i thought i would put them to good use. :) then i totaled up all the money i spent on just the tickets that are on that particular postcard. i spent $220.50 total. shiiiit.

i was able to see beautiful mind for free because i saw it the weekend of the oscars at the ghetto theater in somerville where i was working at the time. i saw that one by myself. :) its funny what memories were brought up when i looked at those ticket stubs...

Sunday, April 23, 2006

matinees one hundred ninteen dollars and seventy-five cents

the 2nd piece goes to AR. let me know when you get it.

she received it!

this is the first piece i made that had the movie tickets in it. only, this piece has only matinee ticket stubs.. i spent $119.75 on this particular piece. i keep all sorts of stuff, i have enough "stuff" to make hundreds of mail art! wooot! this weekend i am going to make some more.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

dinner april 22nd, 2006

this is my first piece of mail art. it went to my friend JI, she was one of my college roommates. more to come when she receives it..

this was a collaboration of found materials from my dinner on april 22nd. i had steamed spinach dumplings, white rice and sesame tofu. i also cut up all the chinese food menus in the house that night for their characters. (sorry LK)