Saturday, May 12, 2007

drawing dan.

today was a male model. he must be a regular model because he brought his calendar with him to make plans to model again! wooo who!

he was very nice. he looked a little bit like, and reminded me of, my old roommate JTs brother.

we did three forty minute poses.

pose number 1. i think this one is my favorite of the day.. one of these days i am going to finish a drawing.

pose number 2. pastels are sooo hard for me to use. i am going to look and see if they make pastel pencils so that i can block in color with the sticks, and then refine it with pencils. and i need a darker color than my current dark brown.

pose number 3

my moms school's art teacher was there. cath told me she goes. it was nice to see her, i hadn't seen her in years. she is so talented. i kinda think that i will alwyas look up to my teachers though, ya know. i'll never forget my first drawing teacher in college and how he wore jeans and asked us to call him jon. i think i fell in love with him at that moment. he set the bar in my opinion, i don't care how good i get, i don't think i could ever be as good as he was. he was my hero!

i think i can mke it next week too. then i have plans for the next two weekends in a row. maybe in those two weeks i can make it to a wed or thurs night class.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

finally i got my ass to drawing.

it's been probably 6 months since i drew last, so here is my attempt..

this group is small, meets saturday mornings, and they are all older people.. very nice people. we draw 5 1 minute gestures, and 3 45 minute poses. the model wasn't feeling well ,so we only did 2 45 min poses. the space is a gallery with studios in the rest of the building. and one of my old high school teachers has space there. the one that inspired me to stick with art after high school. i am so nostalgic!

anyway... here are my 2 drawings.

the model was insanely thin. great model though.

this is my first attempt ever at colored pastels. it took me a good 30 minutes to discover that i could get much better results if i blended all the colors with my hand. i need to watch some other people that are good at pastels and learn from them. :)

next week i think i heard the woman say there was going to be a male model. woo who!! it's been a long time since i've worked from a male model. i can't wait!